The list of accepted papers for VIHAR 2019 is as follows; the full workshop programme will be announced in the coming weeks.

Michael Brady. Challenges for ingtegrating multimodal information into an open-source human-robot [speech] interaction system
Leanne Nagels, Etienne Gaudrain, Debi Vickers, Marta Matos Lopes, Petra Hendriks and Deniz Baskent. Vocal emotion recognition in school-age children: the Emo-HI test for hearing-impaired populations
Anna Zanoli, Chiara De Gregorio, Daria Valente, Valeria Torti, Giovanna Bonadonna, Rose Marie Randrianarison, Cristina Giacoma and Marco Gamba. Sex dimorphic phrase combinatorics in the song of the indris (Indri indri)
Roger Moore. Vocal Interactivity in Crowds, Flocks and Swarms: Implications for Voice User Interfaces
Angela Dassow. Play Vocalizations in White-handed Gibbons (Hylobates lar)
Elisabetta Versace, Michael Mcloughlin, Dan Stowell and Kaspar Althoefer. Robot-pet vocal interactions: Domestic chicks as a model system
Susanne Schötz, Joost van de Weijer and Robert Eklund. Melody Matters: An Acoustic Study of Domestic Cat Meows in Six Contexts and Four Mental States
Ralph Simon, Judith Varkevisser, Ezequiel Mendoza, Constance Scharff, Katharina Riebel and Wouter Halfwerk. Development and application of a robotic zebra finch (RoboFinch) to study multimodal cues in vocal communication
Michael Mcloughlin, Shuge Wang, Dan Stowell, Emmanouil Benetos and Elisabetta Versace. A System for Robot-Chick Vocal interactions
Ji-Eun Kim, Carolina Baslino and Volker Dellwo. The acoustic correlates of Aegyo (애교) speaking style in South Korea
Kendra Oudyk, Yun-Han Wu, Vincent Lostanlen, Justin Salamon, Andrew Farnsworth and Juan Bello. Matching human vocal imitations to birdsong: An exploratory analysis
Marion Poupard, Paul Best, Jan Schluter, Helena Symonds, Paul Spong, Thierry Lengagne, Thierry Soriano and Hervé Glotin. Orca vocalization pitch tracking over three years of on pentaphonic continuous recording
Elodie F. Briefer, Pavel Linhart, Richard Policht, Marek Špinka, Lisette Leliveld, Sandra Düpjan, Birger Puppe, Mónica Padilla de la Torre, Andrew M. Janczak, Cécile Bourguet, Veronique Deiss, Alain Boissy, Carole Guerin, Eva Read, Marjorie Coulon, Edna Hillmann and Céline Tallet. Vocal expression of emotional valence in pigs across multiple call types and contexts
Ambre Davat, Gang Feng and Véronique Aubergé. A Study on the Lombard Effect in Telepresence Robotics
Julia Hyland Bruno, Seth Cluett, Ben Holtzman and George Lewis. Learning How to Sing: Developing a Virtual Bird to Probe Zebra Finch Vocal Interactivity
Maxence Ferrari, Ricard Marxer, Mark Asch and Hervé Glotin. Wave Propagation in the Biosonar Organ of sperm whales using Finite Difference Time Domain
Rebecca Kleinberger, Gabriel Miller and Janet Baker. Initial observation of human-bird vocal interactions in a zoological setting
Jose Serrano, Noé Guzmán, Mario Penna, Marco Méndez and Claudio Soto-Azat. Sexual recognition between females and males that can call being pregnant: Who and how do Darwin’s frog interact vocally?
Hiloko Kato. “Where do you go, Trico?”: Talking to Animal Companions in the Video Game The Last Guardian